Our Mission

Facilitating best practices exchange

and technological cooperation among members, with the aim of enhancing industrial performance

Bringing the voice

of public water operators into EU policy-making, and promoting their interests and perspective through effective advocacy action

Fostering transparency

and accountability in the water sector, in dialogue with civil society

Latest News

Welcome Scotland

The Water Industry Team of Scottish Government, the single owner of Scottish Water, joined APE.
Scottish Water is the public operator providing water and sanitation services to around 5,5 (...)

APE invited to a meeting on ECI Right2Water at the European Parliament

MEP Lynn Boylan, rapporteur of the European Parliament for the Opinion on the European Citizen Initiative’s Right2Water, organised a meeting on the 3rd of February to gather and discuss (...)

Célia Blauel puts forward social tariffing proposal to ensure water access for all in Paris

Ms Celia Blauel, Deputy-Mayor of Paris for environment and President of Eau de Paris, will put forward a proposal to start experimenting a “water social tariffing” to ensure the access to water for (...)