Our Mission

Facilitating best practices exchange

and technological cooperation among members, with the aim of enhancing industrial performance

Bringing the voice

of public water operators into EU policy-making, and promoting their interests and perspective through effective advocacy action

Fostering transparency

and accountability in the water sector, in dialogue with civil society

Latest News

Save The Date!

Aqua Publica Europea is organizing a seminar to explore the meaning and implications of water affordability. Drawing on contributions from institutional representatives, civil society and the (...)

Procurement for innovation in the water sector

Are you a water practitioner in a public authority looking for new solutions to manage your water services more effectively and efficiently? Are you a public procurer investigating ways and means (...)

Montpellier joins APE as a new member

Brussels, 15 July 2016
We are pleased to announce that the new public water operator of the French city of Montpellier has joined Aqua Publica Europea as a new member. The operator was created (...)