Our Mission

Facilitating best practices exchange

and technological cooperation among members, with the aim of enhancing industrial performance

Bringing the voice

of public water operators into EU policy-making, and promoting their interests and perspective through effective advocacy action

Fostering transparency

and accountability in the water sector, in dialogue with civil society

Latest News

APE General Assembly and Working Groups meetings in Bari

APE held its General Assembly and Working Groups meetings on the 22-23 May in Bari, hosted by Acquedotto Pugliese at its prestigious premises. The assembly gave the opportunity to take stoke of a (...)

The German Association of Public Water Operators joins APE

We are pleased to welcome Allianz der öffentliche Wasserwirtschaft (AöW – the German Association of Public Water Operators) as a new member of APE.
AöW brings together 51 water and sanitation (...)

APE welcomes Medina Global as a new member!

Medina Global SL is the public operator for the municipality of Medina-Sidonia, in the province of Cádiz, southern Spain. Medina Global manages the full water cycle, and provides services to (...)