APE General Assembly and Working Groups meetings in Bari

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APE held its General Assembly and Working Groups meetings on the 22-23 May in Bari, hosted by Acquedotto Pugliese at its prestigious premises.
The assembly gave the opportunity to take stoke of a fruitful year for the Association, and to welcome a significant number of new members.
Thanks to a high participation of APE members, the meetings gave also the chance to define ambitious roadmaps for both the Working Groups and the Association as a whole.
Finally, distinguished speakers contributed to frame APE’s action within a broader international perspective (here below you can download their presentations).


Programme - Thursday 22nd May (Working Groups meeting)
15H30 – 18H30 Working Groups meetings (simultaneously):
 Tarification
 Communication
 Innovation
 International Cooperation

Programme - Friday 23rd May (General Assembly)
09H30 – 10H00 Welcome and registration
10H00 – 10H05 Welcome speech
10H05 – 10H30 “WOPs as tool for water operators cooperation”, Julie Perkins, ONU-Habitat – GWOPA
10H30 – 10H55 « ART and GWS: UNDP initiatives for local development and territorial cooperation in the water sector », Francesco Bicciato and Jean-Philippe Bayon, UNDP – ART/GWS
10H55 – 11H20 “The European innovation policy for water: EIP on Water and Horizon 2020”, Prof. Umberto Fratino, Politecnico di Bari and member of the EIP Task Force
11H20 – 11H30 Coffee break
11H30 – 12H10 GA session – proceedings
12H10 – 13H30 Report from WG leaders and discussion about the future strategy

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