APE contribution to the OECD water governance initiative

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The OECD’s draft report on “stakeholder engagement for effective water governance” was presented and discussed during a workshop held in Paris on the 19 September. APE’s secretariat and a significant representation of APE members (CILE, SDEA, Eau de Paris) took part in the meeting to exchange views with the other members of OECD water governance initiative.
The report builds on a series of quantitative and qualitative data that have been collected through a series of surveys to which APE’s members contributed significantly. In particular, all the case-studies submitted by APE’s members have been integrated in the draft report (you can download the report here after logging in APE website. Please click here).
APE has then been invited by the OECD to take part in their seminar on stakeholders engagement which took place during the IWA congress in Lisbon at the end of September. Mr Karl Mot from VIVAQUA represented APE.