APE invited to a meeting on ECI Right2Water at the European Parliament

MEP Lynn Boylan, rapporteur of the European Parliament for the Opinion on the European Citizen Initiative’s Right2Water, organised a meeting on the 3rd of February to gather and discuss stakeholders’ view.

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Invited as one of the speakers, APE highlighted the growing water affordability issues registered by several water operators across Europe. APE argued that affordability problems cannot be tackled separately from the more general issue of the financing of the water services. In this framework, while action at national level remains essential, the EU has also a responsibility precisely for the economic-related provisions and requirements contained in the water legislation.

APE thus called the Commission to step up its efforts in this domain, for instance by promoting a European debate to compare different instruments to tackle affordability problems (income support measures, social tariffing, etc.).

APE then welcomed the recognition in the Commission’s response of the importance of Public-Public cooperation and called the Commission to support this instrument concretely (especially with regard to the international cooperation domain).

More generally, APE recalled the importance of fulfilling Right2Water’s requests, also as a condition to give force to the ECI instrument and reduce the perceived democratic gap.