How to combine protection of water resources, cost recovery, and affordability through water pricing

4 December 2014
09:30 - 13:00

Boulevard de l’Impératrice 17/19
1000 Brussels

A seminar organized by APE and its Working Group on tariffs and asset management

Background and Objectives
The European Commission’s Blueprint for water resources emphasises the role of water pricing policies to promote a more efficient use of water resources, and calls on Member States and stakeholders to increase their efforts to deliver the cost-recovery requirement.

However, the current economic crisis has intensified water access problems in Europe and water affordability is a growing political concern.
This seminar is intended to identify the challenges and explore possible solutions to reconcile three crucial objectives: protection of water resources, cost recovery and affordability.

APE’s proposals will be presented along with contributions by distinguished speakers from the European Commission, the European Environmental Agency, and representatives of national water regulators.

The debate will be followed by a lunch.

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Practical Information

Powerpoint - 646.7 kb

APE’s Position on Water Pricing: combining protection of water resources, cost recovery and affordability, Christiane Franck (VIVAQUA - APE)

PowerPoint - 215 kb

Outlook from the European Commission on the implementation of Art.9: state of art and future actions, Lukasz Latala (DG Environment, European Commission)

Powerpoint - 3.4 Mb

Assessment of cost-recovery through water pricing: a report from the European Environmental Agency, Gorm Dige (EEA)

PDF - 1.8 Mb

The role of regulators in price-setting, Céline Kauffmann (OECD)

Powerpoint - 496.4 kb

The Italian Case: a new entity for water pricing, Lorenzo Bardelli (Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water)

Powerpoint - 1.1 Mb

The Belgian Case: regionalization of water price-setting competences, Ingeborg Limbourg (Flemish Water Regulator)

Powerpoint - 2.2 Mb

Water Governance and Price Setting in Scotland, Jon Rathjen (Scottish Government)

Powerpoint - 792.2 kb

Outside the EU: The Swiss approach on water pricing, Agnes Meyer Frund (Price Monitoring Agency, Switzerland)