SMART.MET is looking for smart metering solutions

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Have you developed or commercialized solutions for the water sector?

Are you informed about high performing innovative solutions for smart metering?

Join the SMART.MET Open Market Consultations!

What is SMART.MET?

SMART.MET is a project funded by the European Commission whose the general objective is to address the development a new remote reading system for water meters, which ensures effectiveness, efficiency and interoperability and which is based on open standards.

Along the project duration a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) will be launched, concerning R&D service contracts that will be awarded to a number of R&D providers in parallel and in a phased approach. This will make it possible to compare competing alternative prototypes and a set of first products.

The project is coordinated by OFFICE INTERNATIONAL DE L’EAU (OIEAU).

The SMART.MET Buyers Group

The Lead Procurer will be Viveracqua, the public water utility supplying the Veneto Region in Italy, and the buyers’ group gathers:

  • Promedio : public utility supplying the province of Badajoz (Spain)
  • Eau de Paris: public utility supplying the city of Paris (France)
  • SDEA : public utility supplying the region of Alsace-Moselle (France)
  • CILE: public utility supplying the city of Liège and its surroundings (Belgium)
  • Budapest Waterworks: public utility supplying the city of Budapest (Hungary)
  • Hydrobru: the public utility distributing water to the Brussels region (Belgium)

What are we looking for?

SMART.MET will address R&D for new remote reading systems for water meters. We are seeking an effective, efficient and interoperable system which is based on open standards.

To foster the development of innovative solutions it is necessary for the utilities to understand what the market is currently offering. This is the aim of the Open Market Consultations that are being organised during the month of September 2017 – investigating the market and look for best solutions available today, so as to elaborate tender requirements that take into account the performance of the latest innovative solutions that are already on the market.

How to participate?

The Open Market Consultations are open to all companies (regardless of their geographic location, their size and governance structure) aiming to acquire information about the state of the art of the technology in the field of smart water meters and access potential new markets.

The SMART.MET Open Market Consultations aim at:
  • Finding out whether technologies are commercially available and acquire information about the advantages and disadvantages and the level of coverage of the desired functionalities, in order to confirm the assumption for the need of a PCP.
  • Enabling and increaseing the opportunities for industry to form fit-for-purpose consortia.
  • Identifying market risks that could endanger business goals and supplier performance.
Four Open Market Consultations will be organized:
  • Spain, Madrid – 5 September 2017 Centro de Estudios y Experimentación de Obras Públicas (CEDEX) - C/Alfonso XII, 3/5 - Madrid
  • Italy, Livorno – 11 September 2017 Villa Letizia - Via dei Pensieri, 60 - Livorno
  • Belgium, Brussels – 21 September 2017 Vivaqua- Boulevard de l’Impératrice 17/19 - Bruxelles
  • Hungary, Budapest – 27 September 2017 Budapest Waterworks - Váci út 23/27 – H 1134 Budapest
Visit the project website and register to the Open Market Consultations

A written contribution (based on a questionnaire aimed to collect market information on innovative and commercialized solution) could be provided by the participants to help us develop a more in-depth state-of-the-art analysis and to assure the confidentiality on the information and solutions presented. Please fill in the on-line questionnaire by the 31th August 2017

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Please read this disclaimer carefully!
  • The Open Market Consultation Survey IS NOT a call for tenders, NOR a pre-qualification exercise, NOR a request of Expression of Interest.
  • Participants are not expected to submit tenders or proposals at this stage.
  • The information collected will be collected solely for technology assessment purposes
  • The Open Market Innovation Survey and Consultations do not represent any obligation for project partners to enter a contractual agreement with any interested party
  • The competitive phase of the SMART.MET joined public procurement procedure will be conducted separately with an open and advertised procurement procedure.