The European Commission published on the 19th March its official response to the ECI “Rigth2Water”.

The Commission welcomes the mobilization of European citizens in support of universal access to safe water and sanitation, and it acknowledges “the importance of water as a public good”. However, in its response the Commission does not propose – disappointingly - any concrete legislative initiative to recognize the right to water at EU level.

The Commission’s communication puts forth some positive new elements, though, that have to be stressed:

- The recognition that “more should be done to improve the quantity and quality of the information available to citizens in the relation to water quality and services” and the commitment to “develop new initiatives to improve transparency # (good news, echoing APE’s remarks to the Blueprint).

- The willingness to “promote a more structured dialogue between stakeholders – bringing together public and private service operators” # (a "more structured dialogue" is definitely needed).

- The commitment to ensure “that the human rights dimension of access to safe drinking water and sanitation remains at the heart of its development policy” # (lately access to WASH services seemed to be downplayed in EU development policy).

- The “growing recognition of the potential of not-for-profit partnerships in the water sector” and the role played by the Water Facility in this field # (that is refreshing and responds precisely the points raised by APE in its letter to Commissioner Piebalgs).

Please click here to read the full response of the European Commission.