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Water Affordability

Public Operators’ Views and Approaches on Tackling Water Poverty

The affordability of water and sanitation services is crucial for the realization of the human right to water. However, water affordability is a multi-faceted concept, encompassing various dimensions. For this reason, ensuring affordability is a complex task, which entails both methodological and practical challenges.

This report report was presented at the APE Seminar "Water Affordability in Europe", held in Brussels on the 20th of October 2016.

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Water and Climate

European Public Water Operator’s Commitment to Water Resources Protection

On the occasion of the APE-Eau de Paris “Water and Climate” seminar, and on the eve of the COP21 Conference, APE presented a publication collecting a series of best practices from APE members with regards to the protection of water resources.

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Eau publique, Eau d’avenir

The global experience with remunicipalisation

This book analyses different cases where water management went back to the public sector, and seeks to share the lessons learned and best practices with citizens, workers and policy makers. It is also meant to be a resource for building the alliances needed to further strengthen the progress towards democratic and sustainable public water management.

This book has been published by the Transnational Institute (TNI), Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) of the University of Greenwich, the French Observatoire des multinationales, the Municipal Services Project (MSP), the European Federation of Public Service Unions (FSESP/EPSU) and Aqua Publica Europea.

It is the French version of Our Public Water Future.

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APE Brochure

Who we are, our values, working groups, international activity and why join us, all summed-up in five pages