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Water Erasmus

Aqua Publica Europea's Water Erasmus

The Aqua Publica Europea Water Erasmus initiative establishes a learning network of water experts by promoting short-term staff exchanges among APE operators.

The aim of the Aqua Publica Europea “Water Erasmus” initiative is threefold:

  • strengthen the capacities of public water operators to address common challenges through peer-to-peer learning
  • develop a shared culture of water management, based on the values of efficiency, affordability, innovativeness and on the strong involvement of elected officials and citizens in strategic decision-making
  • contribute to the realization of European environmental and social objectives through joint projects.



Working Groups

One of our main missions is to provide our members with a platform for mutual learning. APE Working Groups are operator-led and work on a wide range of issues responding to operators' knowledge needs.