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Water Erasmus

Aqua Publica Europea's Water Erasmus

The Aqua Publica Europea Water Erasmus initiative establishes a learning network of water experts by promoting short-term staff exchanges among APE operators.

The aim of the Aqua Publica Europea “Water Erasmus” initiative is threefold:

  • strengthen the capacities of public water operators to address common challenges through peer-to-peer learning
  • develop a shared culture of water management, based on the values of efficiency, affordability, innovativeness and on the strong involvement of elected officials and citizens in strategic decision-making
  • contribute to the realization of European environmental and social objectives through joint projects.



Working Groups

One of our main missions is to provide our members with a platform for mutual learning. APE Working Groups are operator-led and work on a wide range of issues responding to operators' knowledge needs.

  • WG Financing and Tariffs
  • WG Performance
  • WG Communication
  • WG Innovation
  • WG Customer Services
  • WG Sludge and Circular Economy
  • Starting from the principle that water, which is a public and common good, is accessible to all at a reasonable price and is managed transparently, this WG seeks to analyse how water operators fund themselves and propose socially acceptable and sustainable financing models.




  • The Working Group aims at promoting the public sector’s commitment to efficiency and quality management. Its activities revolve around the exchange of best practices and definition of standards and benchmarks in relation the management of the operator and its customer service.



  • The main of the Working Group is to exchange experiences and information on communication strategies with the aim of promoting tap water and raising the profile of the public water sector.



  • The focus of the working group is promoting the growth of an “innovation culture” among public water utilities, facilitating best-practice exchanges on innovative solutions, and fostering joint innovation projects to address common challenges.



  • The focus of the working group is to explore the operators' customer relations and its specificities and added value of the public sector approach as distinguished from private management.



  • This WG seeks to collect best practices on best available technology for bio-sludge disposal and economic aspects of the circular economy.

    sludge meeting