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Acquedotto Pugliese committed to training future water technicians in the Puglia region


In July 2020, Acquedotto Pugliese, the public water operator of the Italian region of Puglia, signed an agreement with the Department of Training and Work of the Puglia Region to train young water technicians at the Acquedotto Pugliese Water Academy.

This initiative aims to strengthen water sector professional skills. The new training courses will be developed to prepare young people in the management of the water cycle. On top of that, specific training will be design to upskill and reskill the current water operators employees.

This collaboration between Acquedotto Pugliese and Puglia Region connects the regional vocational training system with the needs of the water operators, which is in constant evolution. Furthermore, the agreement will make a significant contribution to the future of the water sector professionals and the employment rates of the region.