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Aqua Publica Europea members celebrate World Water Day 2024

On the occasion of World Water Day on 22 March, public water operators had prepared a series of engaging activities and events aimed at involving everyone in the preservation of precious water resources.

Águas de Gaia 

In celebration of World Water Day, Águas de Gaia, the public water operator from Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal, joined the United Nations' motto: "Water for Peace." As part of this initiative, a conference on this theme was held at the Gaia Municipal Library, with moderation by Miguel Lemos Rodrigues, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Águas de Gaia.

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On the occasion of World Water Day, AEOPAS, the Spanish association of public water operators, actively engaged in an event organized by 'La Coordinadora de Organizaciones para el Desarrollo -  España y la Red Agua Pública (RAP) titled "Water for Peace: Universal Right or Geopolitical Resource?" With the participation of Pedro Arrojo, UN special rapporteur on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation and moderated by Jaime Morell, Secretary-General of AEOPAS, the discussions provided valuable insights into strategies for promoting equitable access to water and utilising it as a tool for peace. The conference reaffirmed the need for integrated water management policies that recognize its central role in sustainability and international cooperation.

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Gruppo CAP

On the occasion of World Water Day on March 22nd, Gruppo CAP, the public water operator serving the province around Milan, proposed a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the water resource. These initiatives included conferences, meetings, and workshops designed to promote a new water culture in response to the challenges posed by the climate crisis.

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Eau du Ponant

Eau du Ponant: Wolrd Water days in Brest (France), 18-20 March 2024

As every year in Brest, on the occasion of World Water Day, Eau du Ponant (Brest, France) proposed several activities offering everyone a unique opportunity to get involved in the preservation of precious water resources. The festivities include interactive lectures, workshops, lively debates. Local and international experts came together to share their expertise and discuss the challenges and innovative solutions that are shaping the future of water management.

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Uniacque - Servizio idrico integrato

Uniacque (Bergamo, Italy)  organised an event “Water Week 2024 ‘Passione Futuro’ in Bergamo from March 21st to 24th. This third edition of the week dedicated to water delved into the evolving landscape of water resource utilization amidst the context of climate change. The event addressed the challenges that integrated water service managers are currently facing, including sustainability, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance. APE Executive Director, Milo Fiasconaro, was invited to contribute, presenting on how the role of water operators is shifting with new responsibilities, with a special focus on water resilience.

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On March 23, VIVAQUA (Brussels,Belgium) opened the doors of its Laboratory in Uccle (Brussels' municipality). These open days were organised on the occasion of the Brussels Water Days, providing VIVAQUA with an opportunity to showcase the essential services it offers to the population. Visitors had the chance to explore:

  • How VIVAQUA ensures the quality of water distributed to the people of Brussels through numerous preventive controls.
  • The journey of water from the tap to the sewer, illustrated by a full-scale model.

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Viveracqua, (Veneto Region, Italy) organised an event titled "There's no more water to lose" featuring leading experts in the field of water resource protection and management, as well as environmental conservation. The event aimed to explore topics such as carbon neutrality, energy efficiency, artificial intelligence, and risk analysis, discussing various strategies to adapt water management to the effects of climate change.

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