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Members' activities

Aqua Publica members celebrate World Water Day 2022

On 22 March, the Members of Aqua Publica Europea celebrated World Water Day through a range of different activities to raise awareness on water and on its sustainable use.

VIVAQUA participates in the Brussels Water Days 2022

brusselsFor the Brussels water days, local operator VIVAQUA invited the public to discover the water cycle with a sonorous ride, to visit its water lab and to drink a glass of Brussels tap water at the Sewer Museum of the city.

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Uniacque organises a week of events to celebrate the World Water Day

bergamoThe public water operator of the Italian province of Bergamo, Uniacque, organised a week of events dedicated to the enhancement, knowledge and culture on the theme of water. The week finished with the seminar “Rethinking investments in water: resilience, rate and environmental impact”.

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PROMEDIO brings together experts to discuss water treatment in small towns and villages

promedioIn Badajoz (Spain) the local public operator organised a meeting to discuss alternative technologies for wastewater treatment in small towns and villages. In addition along with the week, several cultural activities and school visits to the water plants were organised. 
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Eau Coeur d'Essonne promotes a sustainable water usage

coeu“Let's reduce our water consumption, let's be consumer players” within this slogan, Eau Coeur d'Essonne (Essonne, France) launched a campaign to promote sustainable water usage. Furthermore, the operator organised an open day to learn about the operator's work
on 22 March.

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Eau du Ponant convenes a conference on public water international projects

brestThe public water operator of Brest (France) proposed several activities: workshops on water resources, school visits to discover the water cycle, an event to zoom on the water-related careers and a final conference "Water management in Brest and in the world" with Eau de Ponant experts. In this conference, Eau Ponant experts presented the operators’ international projects to guarantee access to water and sanitation across the world.

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Gruppo CAP presents the Italian version of the United Nations World Water Development Report, titled “Groundwater: Making the invisible visible"

capGruppo CAP (Milan, Italy) organised a series of events, webinars and also activities in the Municipality to raise awareness, safeguard and sustainable use of water. The presentation of the Italian version of the 2022 edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report, titled “Groundwater: Making the invisible visible" was one of the milestones of the week’s agenda. 

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EMESESA presents a campaign to reduce water consumption 

emasesaEMASESA (Seville, Spain) World Water Day kicked off with a week full of environmental literacy. What's more, the public operator has recently launched a campaign, "Objectivo 90" to reduce water consumption and to raise awareness of the severe water scarcity situation that is suffering in the Southern region of Spain.

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SDEA's past, present and future commitments 

sdeaSDEA, the public water operator of Alsace-Moselle (France), presented a new activity and sustainable development report. Frédéric PFLIEGERSDOERFFER, the President addressed a video message to illustrated the past, present and future commitments of the operator. 

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Eau de Paris publishes its white paper "Objective: zero plastic bottles".

coverEau de Paris (Paris, France) is taking stock of its fight against plastic pollution, which it has been engaged in for over two years alongside some thirty public and private players. The white paper "Objective: zero plastic bottles" brings together the lessons learned, the experiments and the conclusions of the work carried out within Eau de Paris' working groups.
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Padania Acque's commitment goes in the direction of sustainability

padaniaPadania Acque (Cremona, Italy) published a statement on World Water Day stressing its commitment to the sustainable management of water resources. "Padania Acque's commitment goes in the direction of sustainability, a daily work that we carry out in line with the objectives (the so-called goals) for the sustainable development of the 2030 Agenda. Improving water quality, improving water management to make it more efficient and ensuring the availability of safe, clean and good drinking water, are the priorities of our company, which people and the environment are at the centre"
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