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Budapest Waterworks organised an international conference to present their crisis management practice

The Hungarian public water operator, Budapest Waterworks organised an online international conference to present the crisis management practice during the COVID-19.

Budapest Waterworks webinar

On 28 April, Budapest Waterworks organised the webinar "Undisturbed operation in a crisis" to present how the operator has tackled the COVID-19 emergency in the Hungarian capital. 

More than 100 international participants water professionals joined from Serbia, Albania through Saudi Arabia to Buenos Aires. Also, the conference gathered Hungary's foreign economic representatives, Hungarian city mayors and heads of other local water utility service providers.

Budapest Waterworks CEO Ferenc Keszler introduced the business continuity plan and its implementation during the COVID-19 emergency. The Operations, Investment, Customer Services, IT and International Development Departments directors illustrated the measured adopted to ensure its activities continuity. Furthermore, Budapest Waterworks experts explained that the operator's continue with the drinking water supply and waste water treatment operations without interruptions during the pandemic.

Additionally, the public water operator introduced other key elements of the crisis management plan such us to ensure the health and safety of their employees, to assure the operators' internal communication and to guarantee the continuity of the customer services. 

The video of the webinar is available here.