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Eau de Paris' first summer honey harvest


On 26 September 2019, Eau de Paris announced the first summer harvest of honey from the apiary set up at the Montsouris drinking water reservoir, in collaboration with the France Société Centrale d'Apiculture (Central Beekeeping Society). Four hives were installed on a dedicated surface of 140 m². 

The action is part of the operator's strategy to preserve biodiversity, as well as an opportunity to raise awareness about the environment and strengthen the presence of nature in the city. 

President of Eau de Paris and President of Aqua Publica Europea, Célia Blauel said: "Particularly preserved, the Montsouris drinking water storage site is a true biodiversity reservoir. By participating in the ecologic territorial grid in Paris and by fostering the presence of pollinators, Eau de Paris contributes to our city's environmental quality and to the improvement of the quality of life of Parisians"

During the school year 2018-2019, Eau de Paris also accompanied two elementary schools on-site to educate children about ecology, the role of bees, as well as the water cycle. 

Read more on Eau de Paris' website: click here