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Eau de Paris launches the zero plastic waste water movement

Eau de Paris

On 29 May 2019, the operator from Paris, Eau de Paris launched a new initiative to tackle single-use plastic pollution and make Paris the first city with plastic waste-free water through a change of habits and citizen mobilisation. 

Noting that, each year, in France, 8,7 billion litres of water are bottled and consumed* and only one in two bottles is recycled*, and considering that bottles are one of the first sources of ocean pollution, the ‘Paris de l’eau zero déchet plastique’ (zero plastic waste water action) concretely includes: 

  • a call to Parisians to sign the commitments of the manifesto for zero plastic waste water
  1. Drink tap water at home, at work and in restaurants 
  2. Consume water from Paris’ fountains instead of buying bottled water 
  3. Carry a reusable bottle to drink water when exercising or on-the-go 
  4. Maintain and fix taps to avoid wastage 
  5. Defend the principle of water for all and without plastic waste 
  • a series of commitments by Eau de Paris to foster tap water consumption
  • the creation of an ‘Action Tank’ in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation Europe and Gobilab, which will identify the issues that hamper widespread tap water consumption by type of uses and of users and to propose concrete solutions to foster the consumption of no-plastic-waste water. 

President of Eau de Paris and of Aqua Publica Europea, and Deputy Mayor of Paris, Célia Blauel highlighted that “Paris' water, consumed at the tap or at the fountains, is not only healthy, it is also a militant act. Drinking a water without packaging helps reduce waste by 7kg per person and per year”. 

Throughout the summer, Eau de Paris will be deploying the action during the many events that the operators partners with to provide tap water, starting with the WeLoveGreen festival

More information on:

[1] European Federation of Bottled Waters
[2] PlasticsEurope