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Eau de Paris presents the winners of the 2d Innovation Challenges

On 17 November 2020, Eau de Paris announced the winners of the second edition of its "Défis Innovation", or Innovation Challenges, a call for innovative solutions conducted in partnership with the Richelieu Committee.

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The initiative aims to enable the development of concrete operational responses to questions that are solved neither internally nor by existing market solutions, drawing upon new expertise.

The challenges focus on the commitment of public enterprise to sustainable territories.

KERMAP is the winner of challenge #3 - Better understand catchment areas to improve the protection of water resources - an innovative company specialised in the processing of aerial photographs and satellite images. Their solution will enable Eau De Paris to better monitor agricultural activities and ensure the protection of water resources and protect its quality.

Redberry, a team of microbiologists, systems engineers and image processing experts who develop a range of solutions in industrial microbiology, is the winner of the challenge #4 -  Evaluate in real-time and continuously the bacterial load of water to ensure that its excellent quality is maintained. Their innovative proposal will evaluate in real-time the bacterial load of water in the water thanks to a fully automated tool, named Red One™.

Two companies have been awarded under the category of free Innovation Challenges: 

  • E.S.T., which is developing a robot that extracts and dehydrates sediment in all types of water bodies. A more automatic and ecological solution than current methods.
  • Aqualys by Spectralys: a solution of innovative analysers that rapidly measure the physicochemical and biological characteristics of the water at the channel and throughout the drinking water treatment process. 

The winners will benefit from the support of Eau de Paris's expert and financial support to develop their proof of concept.

Read more about the challenges: Défis Innovation