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EMASESA allocates 1,4M € to support vulnerable families

The Spanish public water operator of the city of Seville, EMASESA, has decided to allocate 1,4M € of 2021 budget to support around 10,000 households. 

Social tariff

At the end of May 2020, EMASESA officially launched a social tariff to support vulnerable people and families in risk of exclusion due to the socio-economic impact of COVID-19.  Since then the operator has handled more than 6,000 applications and granting it to 2.480 households. 

Through this action, households can benefit from 50 or 100% discount in their water invoice (depending on the income of the beneficiaries). Beyond that, EMASESA is guaranteeing households access to up to 110 water litres per person and day, which is above the UN standard recommendations (between 50-100 litres per person and day). 

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