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EMASESA powers waste water treatment plant with biogas produced with oranges

Orange biogas

Aqua Publica Europea member, EMASESA (Seville, Spain) is launching a pilot project to test the viability of using oranges from the public roads as biogas producers; showcasing strong commitment to the circular economy. The project is carried out in cooperation with the City of Seville's Department for Parks and Gardens. 

The operator aims to achieve energy self-sufficiency for its EDAR Copero Wastewater Treatment Plant with the generation of renewable electricity through waste recovery with oranges that were destined to be thrown away. Efforts are focused on co-digestion through waste recovery, whilst at the same time producing renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to the fight against the effects of climate change.

The pilot project will see 35 tons of bitter oranges go through a process involving, on the one hand, the extraction of juice for the generation of electric energy through biogas, and on the other hand, the composting of peels to be transformed into fertiliser and reused in the fields. 

It is expected to generate about 1,500 kWh, which is equivalent to the consumption of 150 homes. 

This new initiative aligns with the operator's long-running efforts to reduce emissions and achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency.

More information on EMASESA's website