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HAMBURG WASSER drinking water study: Hamburg citizens prefer tap water

On 4 August 2020, HAMBURG WASSER (Hamburg, Germany) presented a study focus on the drinking water habits of the citizens of Hamburg. The results obtained show that 42% of the citizens prefer tap water rather than bottled water (26%).

drinking water

The main conclusion of the Drinking Water study, (Trink wasser studies) conducted by the forsa Institute Society for Social Research and Statistical Analysis mbH (Germany), shows that the tap water is the preferred option among the citizens of Hamburg.

"We are very happy that people in Hamburg love drinking our water," said Nathalie Leroy, Managing Director of HAMBURG WASSER, regarding the results of the study.

The results find that tap water is especially popular among the youngest citizens, 81% of 18 to 29-year-olds regularly drink the tap but also among the population over 60-year-olds (64%).

Around 94% of the respondents said to drink tap water as it's simply practical and convenient. Among the reasons to choose tap water it's found, that is cheaper (81 %), environmentally friendly (68%), tasted good (60%), and is healthier (54%). 

The study also enquired into the knowledge of the respondents about the origin of tap water or the price for the litre of tap water. 

Download the study on the operator's website: click here