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HAMBURG WASSER launches concept to recover energy from waste water

HAMBURG WASSER inaugurated the HAMBURG WATER Cycle, a unique wastewater concept that combines wastewater treatment and energy directly in the Jenfelder Au residential district, with an objective to recover energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

The system relies on the separate collection of 'black water' (from the toilet) from 'gray water' (from showers and washing) and rain water, and its conduction through a vacuum network to a fermenter where the black water ferments to produce biogas. A combined heat and power plant turns the biogas into electricity and heat. This solution generates, each year, around 450,000 kwH of electricity and 690,000 kwH of heat, respectively about the requirements for 225 and 70 households in the city. 

Nathalie Leroy, HAMBURG WASSER Manager said: "With the HAMBURG WATER Cycle, we have done real pioneering work at HAMBURG WASSER. By treating wastewater directly in the neighborhood, we not only reduce CO 2 emissions but the entire system is self-sufficient and we provide heat and electricity to the neighborhood".

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the EU Life + Programme.

Read more on the operator's website: click here