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HAMBURG WASSER presents its Climate strategic plan for 2025

On 28 October, HAMBURG WASSER, the public water operator of the city of Hamburg and surrounding municipalities in northern Germany presented its Climate strategic plan for 2025 and declared 'climate neutrality' as a top priority


In the presentation of the Climate Plan 2025 HAMBURG WASSER declared that the final goal for the future is to move to a 'Zero emissions in all relevant corporate areas.'  Hamburg's city water supplier is planning to invest 50 million euros by 2025 for the expansion of new regenerative generation systems and a further reduction in its own electricity requirement by 3.1 million kilowatt-hours compared to today. As a result, the operator is aiming to achieve a quota of around 90% in its own electricity generation and direct CO 2 in the target year, and likewise to reduce emissions by more than 90 % compared to 1990. In order to achieve absolute climate neutrality, HAMBURG WASSER has also announced that it will develop a binding timetable by 2025 with which the company will also avoid or compensate for indirect emissions caused by supply chains or employee mobility in the future.

Nathalie Leroy, spokeswoman for the management of HAMBURG WASSER declared that “If we only look at the energy balance of HAMBURG WASSER, we have had a CO 2 -negative balance for eight years. In 1990 we used 108,000 tons of CO 2, today we are only around 4,000 tons of CO 2 annually, which we easily balance through the feed-in capacity of our regenerative generation systems. However, we do not want to stop on this but we aim for a real zero emissions. To this end, we will in future focus more on so-called Scope 3 emissions. These indirect emissions, which are upstream or downstream of the actual core business, are often left out of the carbon footprint. We want to be a pioneer here and develop a plan over the next five years with which we can also systematically record these emissions and bring them to a climate-friendly level. "

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