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Hospital de Gaia will be the first in Portugal to eliminate plastic water bottles as a result of protocol signed with our member Aguas de Gaia

Hospital de Gaia will be the first healthcare facility in Portugal to completely phase out plastic water bottles, thanks to a recent protocol signed with our member, Águas de Gaia E.M. S.A.

The protocol, signed by Miguel Lemos Rodrigues (President of Águas de Gaia - public water operator of Vila Nova de Gaia) and by Rui Guimarães (President of Centro Hospitalar de Gaia/Espinho), outlines a strategic partnership for environmental sustainability.

The joint commitment of the two institutions is clear: within the next six months, Hospital de Gaia will undergo a comprehensive transition, exclusively adopting reusable bottles filled with tap water. This bold move is a significant stride towards curbing plastic consumption, exemplifying the effectiveness of public-public cooperation and emphasising the safety of tap water.

To ensure transparency and uphold quality standards, quarterly water analyses will be conducted and made easily accessible on Águas de Gaia's website. This commitment to regular scrutiny underlines both organizations' dedication to maintaining the highest standards of water quality for the hospital and its community.

Hospital de Gaia's initiative not only sets a precedent within the Portuguese healthcare landscape but also stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between public entities. As the hospital charts this course toward a more sustainable future, it signals a positive shift in environmental practices that can inspire others to follow suit.

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