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Promedio distributes reusable water bottles to reduce waste in schools


In April 2019, the Promedio consortium, gathering the public water operators of the Badajoz province in Spain (Extramadura), distributed 2.000 reusable water bottles in local schools

The objective is to reduce plastic waste whilst also promoting  tap water consumption and raising awareness amongst younger generations and families on the benefits of choosing tap over bottled water. 

Promedio’s Vice-President, Manuel Antonio Díaz was joined by the Mayor of the city of Oliva de la Frontera, María Luisa Osorio, for a visit of the activities carried out in the schools. 

On this occasion, Mr. Díaz noted that “tap water is safe, economical and a lot more ecological” compared to an estimated use of up to 500 5-litre plastic bottles by families who drink bottled water every day. 

The action is part of a wider campaign to promote tap water as a sustainable and healthy practice

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