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Promoting Tap Water as Drinking Water

Water Fountain

Many people are still wary about the quality of their tap water, even though tap water in Europe is subject to rigorous and frequent controls ensuring it is wholesome and complies with all relevant European standards. APE promotes the exchange on initiatives and communication actions put in place by its members to encourage the consumption of tap water. Most public operators today have experience in promoting tap water through more "classical" campaigns such as designing and handing out flasks and jugs. Nevertheless, in the last years, more creative communication campaigns are getting ground. 

Having a strong link to public authorities, public water operators have a long-time experience in teaming up with cities to install free water fountains. A recent example includes the city of Sevilla, where the water operator EMASESA has helped install new fountains designed by university students

Several operators have started involving citizens in their communication actions. For instance, the "L’eau est capitale !” campaign by the French water operator Eau de Paris, selected citizens to act as ambassadors showing a strong and common commitment for quality and fair water services. The water operator of Geneva (Switzerland), SIG, for its part, chose a more "humorous" approach for its advertising campaign, showing different age groups share their passion for "their water". 

SIG #moneau

The Spanish association of public water operators, AEOPAS, launched a comprehensive campaign to help public operators communicate on the quality of the water they provide. Among other actions, the ProGrifo campaign is organising “tap water tastings” in different Spanish cities. You can watch the video of the tap water tasting done in partnership with the operator Aguas de Cádiz

The topic of promoting tap water as drinking water is also one of the main work items of the APE Working Group on Communication.