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Public-public synergies: the potential of public banks in financing the public water sector

A new special issue of ‘Water International’ explores the potential of public banks in funding sustainable and equitable water and sanitation services in Europe.


Based on a series of concrete case-studies, a special issue of ‘Water International’ provides conceptual insights and empirical information on the link between public banks and public water services in Europe. In their introduction, the editors of the special issue – Prof. David McDonald (Queen’s University, Canada) and Prof. Thomas Marois (SOAS University of London, UK) argue that, while the role of public banks in financing water service is largely ignored in literature, “the cases in this issue provide evidence of the enormous potential for public banks to finance public water in Europe”.

Some of the case-studies involve Aqua Publica’s members, and we’ve eagerly collaborated with editors, as well as with colleagues from the European Public Banks Association, to provide background information and facilitate contacts.

The special issue is available here.