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Public Water Operators support Ukrainian people and the water sector

Aqua Publica Europea has held exchanges with the Ukrainian Association of Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises to better understand their needs and try to provide some support. Several members of Aqua Publica Europea are then providing both humanitarian aid and technical support


The Ukrainian water sector needs to ensure essential services

Aqua Publica Europea has held exchanges with the Ukrainian Association of Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises "Ukrvodokanalekologiya", to better understand their needs and what support can be provided. 

The Ukrainian Association of Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises has shared with us a list of items/equipment that utilities need urgently to repair damaged facilities and, in general, ensure essential services. All stakeholders, utilities, and suppliers can make donations. 

  • Protective equipment for workers and WU crews:
    • Hand tools, hydrodynamic equipment, welding equipment
    • Walkie-talkies, chlorine-gas protective masks, chemical protection suits and wetsuits
    • Professional First Aid Kits (including blood stoppers medicine and devices
  • Emergency equipment:
    • Transportable diesel motor centrifugal pump for various applications (Performance range from 2m3/h to 130 m3/h)
    • Alternators with internal combustion engine (petrol/diesel fuel). Capacity from 10 to 70 kW Voltage 220 V and 380 V
    • Submersible drainage pump with a capacity of 100 m3/h with hydraulic high-pressure drive from the hydraulic station with a set of hydraulic double hose (15 m) and pressure hose (20 m)
    • Diesel generator with a capacity of 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 70 kW
    • Electric pump for clean water with a capacity of 16-25 cubic meters per hour complete with pressure hose (20 m) and power cable
    • Stainless Repair Clamps for pipes (DN60 to DN600)
    • Stationary power plant with a capacity from 30 kW to 370 kW
    • Gate valve and Knife gate valves for drinking water application (various diameters)
    • Sewage electric submersible pump with a capacity of 100-200 cubic meters per hour complete with pressure hose (25 m)
    • Large capacity disinfection systems, dosing pumps and compact disinfection systems for proper drinking water disinfection
  • Special vehicles - emergency equipment:
    • Water Tank Vehicles, Capacity: 10 m3 to 20 m3
    • Dump truck (wheel arrangements: 4x4 or 4х2; Max. load: not less than 6t)
    • Excavator (optional equipment (accessories) could be specified separately)
    • Truck crane (18 to 25t)
    • Septic Tank Pumper Truck - Faecal sludge removal truck

Download the list of items/equipment

Public water operators' solidarity 

Several members of Aqua Publica Europea have committed to providing both humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people and support utilities in war zones. Here below a non-exhaustive list of initiatives:  

  • Equipment: Budapest Waterworks (Budapest, Hungary) is providing equipment, such as aggregators or repair tools, to support Ukrainian operators' services. SIG (Geneva, Switzerland)  is providing water bladders to be used at the refugees' camps located at the Ukrainian borders. Aquaflanders (Flemish region, Belgium) has sent two truckloads of emergency drinking water. Looking ahead, In BW (Nivelles, Belgium) is looking into the possibility of making their technical expertise available at the end of the conflict, as part of the reconstruction process.
  • Humanitarian aid: Aguas de Gaia (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal), EYDAP (Athens, Greece), SMAT (Turin, Italy), in BW and Aquaflanders, in cooperation with humanitarian institutions, are collecting humanitarian aid (food, urgent health care, water supply, education materials, warm clothes...) to be sent to the Poland-Ukrainian border. Budapest Waterworks has broadened drinking water access in the railway stations of the Hungarian capital where Ukrainian refugees are arriving. 
  • Housing: Acquedotto Pugliese (Puglia, Italy), VIVAQUA (Brussels, Belgium), in BW and Budapest Waterworks are facilitating accommodation facilities in utilities former facilities for Ukrainian refugees. Likewise, Viveracqua (Veneto region, Italy) is facilitating accession to aqueduct for temporary refugees’ accommodation solutions.