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VIVAQUA wins an award for its energy efficiency project 'Riothermie'

On Friday 11 December, an energy efficiency project developed by the Brussels public water operator, VIVAQUA, received a Golden Publica Award, which rewards inspiring projects from the public sector.


The Brussels utility was rewarded for its “Riothermie" project, presented in the category "Urban Development, Infrastructure & Mobility" of the Golden Publica Awards. This energy efficiency project is based on a technology that allows to recover heat from sewers and use it to generate energy to heat and cool public buildings. For a more integrated approach, the technology is implemented during the retrofitting of the network.  

The jury unanimously defended its choice, highlighting, in particular, the originality of the idea, the ease of its deployment and the use of low-cost materials with a view to sustainable development. 

"This recognition from the Publica Awards is important for VIVAQUA. It will motivate us to continue to innovate and find ways to reduce not only our own ecological footprint, but also that of society in general, as is the case with riothermal energy," said Laurence Bovy, CEO, and Bernard Van Nuffel, President of VIVAQUA and Aqua Publica Europea.

The energy project  “Riothermie" has been installed in the new administrative centre of one of the Brussels the municipalities. Thanks to this technology, it will be possible to supply 25% of the heating needs of the 15,000m² of the new administrative centre. The ultimate goal is to save in fossil fuel energy consumption for the municipality and a reduction of 40 to 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. 

A real win-win situation: less CO2 emissions and a reduction in the energy bill.