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WORKING GROUP MEETING | Aqua Publica members exchanges on communications campaigns, June 2019

WG Communication June 2019

On 27 June, the members of the Working Group on Communication met in Edinburgh (UK) to continue their exchanges on public water operators' campaigns to promote tap water, tackle plastic pollution and encourage careers in the water sector

A lively discussion took place and several members presented their latest actions, which was the opportunity to exchange best practices, share priorities and evaluate possibilities to work on joint projects.  

  • SIG - Eau de Genève (Switzerland) presented its latest activities in the context of its 10th anniversary, including a new biodegradable water bottle produced with cane sugar (see here);
  • Padania Acque (Italy) presented a project involving youth with a school-work alternation project through which students get practical experience, learn teamwork and become actors for environmental protection by interviewing people in different communities on water practices (see here);
  • Viveracqua (Italy) presented the 'Water Young' project for the promotion of tap water use towards youth to create awareness about the environmental impact of the use of plastic bottles and promote education in schools for a responsible use of resources. 
  • Eau de Paris (France) presented its Summer 2019 campaign, including a manifesto for a plastic free water city and the distribution of the new zero-plastic reusable bottles made from sugar cane, bamboo and wood (see here);
  • Aquaflanders (Belgium) presented the campaigns carried out in Belgian Flanders with key messages on the benefits of tap water towards the public, as well as partnerships with comedians and availability of tap water during festivals (see here). 
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