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Members' activities

World Water Day 2021

On World Water Day, the members of Aqua Publica Europea celebrated the "value of water" through different events and activities across Europe.

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Aqua Publica Europea common message to mark World Water Day 2021:



Interview with the President of Aqua Publica Europea by ENA Research Institute for Alternative Policies, Greece:

On the occasion of World Water Day 2021, ENA Research Institute for Alternative Policies (Greece) interviewed Bernard Van Nuffel, President of Aqua Publica Europea and of VIVAQUA (Brussels’ water operator), on the public water operators' response to COVID-19, on the impacts of climate change on water resources and on the risks of further privatisation of water in Greece. Read more

Editorials and articles on the value of water:

  • Aguas de Gaia (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal): Miguel Lemos Rodrigues, executive director of Águas de Gaia shares insights on public water operators' water value, see here.
  • France Eau Public (France): "Public water management: more and more elected representatives and local authorities are taking control of their water and sanitation services ", see here.
  • AEOPAS (Spain): Luis Babiano, President of the Spanish Association of Public Water Operators, open editorial "The value of public water", see here.
  • PROMEDIO (Badajoz, Spain): Interview with Raquel del Puerto, Vice President of PROMEDIO "The first 'vaccine' against any pandemic is clean drinking water", see here.
  • AMAP (Catalonia): Interview with Lluís Basteiro, manager of Catalan Association of municipalities for public water management (AMAP) "In Catalonia approximately 80% of the water is in the hands of private operators", see here.
  • AMJASA (Javea, Spain): World Water Day: "Amjasa's heroes and heroines", see here.
  • SIG (Geneva, Switzerland): Radio discussion with Gérard Luyet, Director of Drinking Water and Hervé Guinand, Director of Quality-Environment-Health-Safety at SIG, see here

Events to promote the value of water:

  • 19/03 Padania Acque (Cremona, Italy): Online conference "Riflessi d'Acqua Pura" (Reflections on water) , see here.
  • 19-21/03 EMASESA (Seville, Spain): Open Days at El Arboretum Botanical Garden, see here.
  • 19-24/03 Gruppo CAP (Milan Province, Italy): World Water Day week: webinars and conferences, see here.
  • 22/03 MM (Milan Metropolitan area, Italy): Live events at the Water Museum, Centrale dell'Acqua, see here.
  • 22/03 Acquedotto Pugliese (Puglia, Italy): Online talk with the Icelandic writer Andri Snær Magnason on the cultural value of water, see here.
  • 22/ 03 Eau de Paris and City of Paris (France): Conference on the utilisation of the Paris fountains see here.
  • 22-28/03 SMAT (Turin, Italy): Conferences, podcasts and educational activities see here.

Communication actions and materials:

  • 22/03 Aguas de Gaia (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal): Calls to join the global "Turn the tap off for World Water Day" campaign to not consume tap water for one hour (22h-23h)
  • Scottish Government (Scotland): Save water and energy awareness campaign, see here.
  • Eau de Paris (Paris, France) launches "Everything you need to know about water in Paris" educational kit, see here.
  • Acqua Novara (Novara, Italy ) Video message on the value of water, see here.
  • Aguas de Cádiz (Cádiz, Spain ) The fountain in the Plaza de Sevilla will be lit up in blue and white to celebrate #WorldWaterDay and a storytelling contest is ongoing, see here.
  • Como Acqua (Como, Italy) presents a booklet dedicated to water and its long journey from tap to treatment. see here
  • Irish Water (Ireland) "Mini Walk for Water": to celebrate World Water Day and spread awareness of water poverty around the world. see here