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9th Meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative


Aqua Publica attended the 9th meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative, which was held in Paris on 3-4 July. The meeting was the occasion to discuss the latest version of the water governance indicators that are being developed by the OECD. These governance indicators aim to offer public institutions and stakeholders a tool for self-assessment on the OECD Water Governance Principles, to the establishment of which APE actively contributed. The latest version of the indicator framework –building on feedback from pilot-testers, including some APE members– contains a mix of qualitative, quantitative and “traffic-light” indicators and a check-list.

Part of the meeting was also dedicated to water governance in France, with a special focus on policy coherence between water and biodiversity policies, basin governance, and the consolidation of water service operators.

More information is available on the OECD website.