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APE attended the event "The Green Deal as the EU growth strategy” organized by SGI Europe

On 20 November 2023, Aqua Publica Europea participated in an event dedicated to “The EU Green Deal as a Growth Strategy: Contributions and expectations from SGIs at the heart of the transition”. The event was hosted at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

SGI event photo

On 20 November 2023, APE actively participated in an event organized by SGI Europe, the European association representing enterprises which carry out services of general interest. The focus of this event was “The EU Green Deal as a Growth Strategy”.

This event brought together providers of SGIs, public services, education providers, EU stakeholders and institutions aiming to discern how to effectively balance the social and economic challenges associated with the clean reindustrialization of the EU industry. 

The discussions confirmed our perspective that services of general interest do not play just an ancillary role for other sectors and industries. But they stand as a driving industrial force in Europe, since a significant portion of their revenues is reinvested locally, including in knowledge and innovation generation. Furthermore, they play a pivotal role in job creation that cannot be delocalised; contributing substantially to a vibrant internal market through public procurements.

Like other industries, public services face several challenges related to skills attraction and investments. We are eager to continue the discussion with colleagues from SGI Europe and other organisations, exploring how these challenges can be more effectively addressed within the framework of future EU policies - ultimately serving the general interest.   

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