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Aqua Publica Europea participates in the 4th Global WOPs Congress

Aqua Publica Europea to participate in the 4th Global WOPs Congress organises by the UN-Habitat/ Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) from 18 to 29 October


The 4th Global Water Operators Partnerships (WOPs) Congress "Accelerate the scaling up of effective peer-to-peer partnerships between Water Operators worldwide" is a global gathering of hundreds of public utilities and stakeholders to learn, share, inspire and get inspired from successful WOPs projects and how they can improve access to water and sanitation for all across the world. This year's edition is marked by the launch of the EU-WOP funding programme, a new important funding instrument made available by the EU that will support capacity and performance improvement of water utilities worldwide through not-for-profit cooperation: a programme that Aqua Publica Europea contributed actively to design and to engage with, thanks to the significant participation of its members.

Join Aqua Publica and its members

Aqua Publica Europea contributed to the design of the Congress’ programme as a member of the GWOPA's steering committee. Among the various thematic session that will see active participation of APE members we highlight the following ones:


Two weeks to learn, share and get inspired by public utilities as yours.
Participation has no cost and online participation will allow everyone to take part.