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Four new members join Aqua Publica Europea in March! 

In March 2019, Aqua Publica Europea has grown by four new members, bringing the association to 65 members. Two new operators serve the north of Italy: Acqua Novara, for the Novara province and AMAG Reti Idriche for the Alessandria province, whilst the other two new members are French: Eau Coeur d’Essonne and the City of Paris (sanitation). 

  • Acqua Novara manages the integrated water service in 139 municipalities in the Provinces of Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (VCO) of the Northern Italian region of Piedmont. 
  • AMAG Reti Idriche S.p.A deals with the integrated water cycle in the province of Alessandria and serves about 150.000 people. It is part of the AMAG Group, a wholly public company, owned by 56 Municipalities and 1 Mountain Community.
  • Eau Cœur d’Essonne serves 20 cities of the Essonne department, in the Parisian region, in drinking water. The operator commits to equal treatment, service and a single tariffs for all municipalities. 
  • City of Paris, Water and Sanitation service: the technical service in charge of water and sanitation of the City of Paris is the public service authority for water and sanitation and manages the sanitation network (waste and rain water).