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A manifesto for water


Water is the source of all life, an essential element for people and societies. It is also a finite resource which needs to be managed and used responsibly and sustainably. 

As a common resource, water is shared by all of us and with future generations, which means that a long-term vision is paramount.  

Water operators are key actors : they manage water resources, supply clean drinking water and treat used water to finally return it to nature. They are central in their local social, environmental and economic ecosystems. 

European public water operators have in common a set of values and missions to provide the best possible services to their communities: well-performing water management, citizen-oriented, participative and affordable services, sustainable and long-term looking practices. 

Their on-the-ground daily work needs to be complemented by strong commitments from policy makers to secure regulatory frameworks that support public water operators in fulfilling their mission in the public interest. 

For this reason, Aqua Publica Europea calls EU decision-makers to commit to making water a priority by upholding three key principles in the next years: 

1.    WATER FOR THE PEOPLE: Guarantee safe, accessible and affordable water for all
2.    ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION:  A sustainable approach to protect finite resources and face climate change
3.    EXCELLENCE IN WATER MANAGEMENT: Support efficient, forward-looking water management contributing to sustainable economies

Read our full manifesto below.