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Société Wallonne des Eaux offers 'easyCONSO' for enhanced water efficiency

In the context of growing emphasis on water conservation and resource management, Société Wallonne des Eaux (SWDE) has been offering 'easyCONSO', a noteworthy innovation. 'easyCONSO' is a service tailored to continuously monitor water consumption within buildings. It distinguishes itself by not only tracking consumption but also by promptly identifying irregular consumption patterns and issuing real-time alerts. Its core objective is to effectively address water losses and minimize wastage.

Beyond its primary function, 'easyCONSO' streamlines the often intricate administrative aspects of water consumption management. With its real-time monitoring capabilities, 'easyCONSO' assists in reducing losses and simplifying water consumption management for local authorities and building administrators.
This means that local authorities and building administrators can now navigate the complexities associated with water consumption more efficiently, courtesy of this groundbreaking system.

Key features of 'easyCONSO' include:

Advanced Technology: The system/sensor employs NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology to consistently and reliably transmit consumption data.

Leak Detection System: An alert mechanism is in place to promptly notify users of abnormal consumption spikes, enabling swift response to prevent water losses.

Online Accessibility: Users can conveniently access their consumption data from anywhere via an intuitive digital platform.

In summary, 'easyCONSO' by Société Wallonne des Eaux represents a  step towards more efficient water control within buildings. This system, with its real-time monitoring and administrative simplification, reflects innovation within our network and serves as a catalyst for improved water resource management.

For additional information, please visit the SWDE website: About SWDE | SWDE