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Transparency & participation in the public water sector


Because water is essential to life and to our societies and directly affects both human health and the environment, transparency and accountability in water management are particularly important and, further, respond to citizens’ and stakeholders' growing expectations

Therefore, transparency and participation are two of Aqua Publica Europea’s main priorities

In addition to the seminar on ‘Information in the Water Sector, organised in February 2018 in Brussels – event report available here - the members of Aqua Publica Europea have provided information on their own activities and initiatives to both increase transparency and encourage participative governance. The infographic available for download below provides an overview of these actions. 

Whilst instruments may vary, public water operators, responding to public authorities and elected officials, are especially committed to making information available, which contributes to foster trust in water and its management, and to providing a framework through which stakeholders, including civil society, can participate in decision-making, resulting in stronger governance.