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WATER ERASMUS: Exchanges of 2018 as told by the participants

Water erasmus

WATER ERASMUS was launched by Aqua Publica Europea, the European Association of Public Water Operators in 2017, as an innovative way to foster mutual learning amongst its network of public water operators through bilateral staff exchanges

In their mission to provide excellent water supply and sanitation services to people in Europe, public water operators share many common challenges: from the management of their infrastructure to the main external dynamics of our time such as climate change, demographic shifts or the digital revolution. Water Erasmus was launched to facilitate European cooperation by offering the opportunity for technical staff from member operators to travel and meet their peers to discuss issues of common interest, exchange expertise, visit infrastructure and launch joint projects.

Focusing on the idea that knowledge circulates with the people, Water Erasmus contributes to building long-term skills, as well as a common understanding of the mission of European public services, a building block of our shared European future. By putting the people who directly manage our water at the centre, Water Erasmus  effectively creates an interconnected network of professionals in Europe who share a drive for excellence and enthusiasm to share their knowledge and to learn from others

The publication 'Water Erasmus as told by the participants' provides an overview of the exchanges that took place in 2018, in the words of the people who participated in the exchanges: 

Participants found that the experience has had many benefits, both professionally and personally.

 Read 'Water Erasmus as told by the participants' below.