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APE Seminar | Water and Earth: a Shared Future

10 July 2015 09:00–13:00

On the 10th of July 2015, Aqua Publica Europea and Metropolitana Milanese organised the seminar “Water and Earth: a Shared Future” at the Milan EXPO. This seminar aimed to discuss the limits of our development model and explore solutions that can help us reconcile growth needs with the sustainable use of water resources.

10 July 2015

The debate was fed by a fruitful exchange between scientific experts and institutional representatives, including a keynote speech by the Italian Minister for Agriculture, Maurizio Martina.

Russo and CorritoreIn their welcome addresses, Alessandro RussoCAP Holding’s President , and Davide CorritoreMetropolitana Milanese’s President , highlighted the complex interweaving of local and transnational factors that characterise the management of water resources and expressed the wish that EXPO 2015 may also represent a context for developing innovative ideas and forge political alliances to tackle common challenges.

They also emphasised the small but significant role played in EXPO by Milan’s public water operators that, by providing around 200.000 litres a day of free tab water through 26 water kiosks in the EXPO site, contribute to reduce the environmental impact of this important international event.

Cosimo LacirignolaProf Cosimo LacirignolaSecretary General of the Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes , set the scene by illustrating the intense anthropic pressure affecting our water and land resources. He then stressed the need for immediate remedial actions based on institutional and technical innovation; but he also drew the attention to the “geopolitics of nutrition” and the responsibility of the political world to tackle persisting inequalities.

Maurizio MartinaItalian Minister for Agriculture Maurizio Martina, acknowledged the need for a greater attention to water-related issue in the international political agenda. He then stressed the importance of better integrating the different international political fora that are addressing climate change and poverty eradication issues, starting from EXPO 2015 and the “Milan Charter” and looking towards the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals and COP21.


Scholars Marta Antonelli and Laura Greco of the London Water Research Group presented their co-authored book “The Water We Eat” where they analyse the relationship between water and food security, and outlined different methodologies to assess both the environmental and social impact that western consumption models generate.

The crucial link between agriculture practices and water was also underlined by MEP Paolo De Castro in a video-message.

Celia BlauelIn her closing remarks, APE’s President and Paris Deputy-Mayor Celia Blauel, underlined the importance of urban areas in the global fight to climate change. According to Ms Blauel, urban areas are one of the major sources of alteration of ecosystems, but they are also the context to develop and implement effective solutions for climate change mitigation. Ms Blauel also stated that public utilities and public water operators in particular are better placed to adopt approached for the benefit of all in a long term perspective, since they are not constrained by immediate profit-making needs.

Watch video interview with APE’s President, Celia Blauel:

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