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EAU DE PARIS | Online conference "Water and space", 8 June

8 June 2021 08:45–10:00

radio sources

On 8 June, Eau de Paris (Paris) is organising an online conference to discuss  the relationship between "water and space" with:

  • François SPIERO
    Professor at the International Space University (ISU)

Recently, the French astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, have been taken into space for the second time in his life. This historical event will be used as a starting point to discuss the relationship between water and space at a new edition of Eau de Paris online conferences "Radio Café Sources."

The discussion will address the following questions: What do these space explorations tell us about the state of water on the Moon or Mars? How do we manage the scarcity of the resource in space travel? What is the status of reflections on the conditions of habitability in space, particularly with regard to water? How do the research and innovations resulting from these space programmes serve the terrestrial problems of water management: living conditions and use of the resource, progress on water recycling and the risk of contamination in closed circuits and in extreme situations? 

The conference will be animated by Elisabeth Thiéblemont, Strategy and Foresight Advisor to the General Management, and moderated by Karine Julié (DG-MCOM), Emmanuel Veillard (DSI) and Anthony Raillier (DG-MCOM) at Eau de Paris. 

This conference takes place in the frame of the Eau de Paris "Radio Sources Cafe" event series and it's open for Aqua Publica Europea members. Please consider that will take place in French.

To register contact: