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EMASESA: III Forum "Public services in urban renewal", Online- 10 March 2022

10 March 2022 09:30–11:00

EMASESA (Seville, Spain) organises the forum "Public services in urban renewal" on 10 March in an online format.


The III Forum "Public services in urban renewal" is organised by Water Citizens Observatory of the public water operator of the city of Seville (Spain), EMASESA, and the EU-funded project Life Watercool.” 

The "Life Watercool - Red Cross Project" is co-funded by the EU Life initiative, which aims to develop and test innovative solutions to cope with high indoor and outdoor temperatures and temporary water run-off, as well as drought situations in an urban environment subject to climate change.

The Forum will be divided into three sessions:

  • "Investment needs in the renovation of urban water cycle infrastructures" will be given by Amelia Pérez Zabaleta, Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in Water and Peace of the UNED.
  • "Municipal services towards a new urban model" will be given by César Gallardo from Seville City Council.
  •  "The user at the centre of EMASESA's management", will be given by Alfonso García, Head of EMASESA's Consumption and Services Division.

The meeting will be streamed on 10 March between 9:30 and 11:00 am.

More information and registrations here.