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Gruppo Cap | Ecomondo - The Green Technology Expo, Rimini Expo, (Italy) - 26 to 29 October

26–29 October 2021


On 26-29 October 2021, Gruppo CAP, the operator serving the province around Milan, - a member of Aqua Publica - will participate at the "Ecomondo - The Green Technology Expo" which takes place at the Rimini Expo, (Italy). Under the green motto, Let's safeguard the planet, let's think less about ourselves and more about the environment", Gruppo CAP, will talk about talk about the symbiosis between the water sector & the world of waste while presenting several innovative research projects, take note!

  • 26 October
    Presentation of the PerFORM Water 2030: the first research and experimentation platform created in Italy to face the challenges of the Integrated Water Service.
  • 27 October
    Presentation of the LIFE Freedom project: The project proposes an ecological alternative to the disposal and management of sewage sludge produced by wastewater treatment, through the creation of an innovative plant that contributes to the development of the state of the art in the economically sustainable recovery of sewage sludge waste.
  • On 29 October
    Presentation of the CE4WE project: The main objectives of the research are to provide citizens with clean water and energy, that is, of quality and produced in a sustainable way. And at the same time solving one of the nodes that accompanies the water systems, that is the management of sewage sludge, enhancing what is today a waste to produce biofuels.

The events will take place in an hybrid format, in presence at Gruppo CAP stand at Ecomondo Expo Hall 1 - CIRCULAR BIOECONOMY - Stand 56, and remote via Zoom.

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