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MERLIN | Webinar: "Wetland restoration – Holy Grail or opening Pandora’s box of vector-borne and zoonotic disease risk?" -Online, 7 March 2022

7 March 2022 15:00–16:00

On 07 March 2022, the MERLIN consortium, a ‘research and innovation action’ EU funded under the H2020 programme, organises the third of a series of webinars on freshwater ecosystem restoration. On this occasion, Frauke Ecke (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) will talk about wetlands restoration.


The webinar addresses why and under which conditions restored wetlands might induce vector-borne and zoonotic risk and how this risk can be mitigated. Knowledge of the underlying processes is pivotal in guiding future restoration projects towards maximising ecosystem services and minimising ecosystem disservices.


  • Frauke Ecke, Associate Professor & Senior Lecturer, Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – SLU

The participation is free, open to everyone and without registration. If you would like to participate register here.


Mainstreaming Ecological Restoration of freshwater-related ecosystems in a Landscape context: INnovation, upscaling and transformation (MERLIN) is a ‘research and innovation action’ funded under the European Commission’s H2020 programme, coordinated by the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), which will seek innovative solutions based on nature to restore the functions of freshwater ecosystems and mitigate climate change.

Aqua Publica Europea joins 43 other partners from across Europe, including universities, research institutes, nature conservation organisations, and stakeholders from business, government, and municipalities. Aqua Publica Europea will work on translating and disseminating MERLIN’s findings among European public water operators.

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