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PADANIA ACQUE | "Riflessi d'Acqua Pura" World Water Day 2021 Conference

21 March 2021 20:30–21:30

On 21 March 2021, Padania Acque, in collaboration with the news portal Riflessi Magazine, organise the conference "Riflessi d'Acqua Pura" to celebrate World Water Day 2021.

Padania acque

On 21 March 2021, Aqua Publica member Padania Acque organises a "Riflessi d'Acqua Pura" online conference in view of World Water Day 2021. It will be an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of the role of water in society. As explained by Padania Acque President, Claudio Bodini, sometimes citizens give for granted access to water while in other parts of the world its more difficult to get it. 

As described by the organisers "Riflessi d'Acqua Pura" means Reflections on water: essence of life, purity from the origins, service commitment of our public water company, but also guarantee of quality, collective distribution, solidarity value and help to the thirst of men. 

Therefore, to mark World Water Day Padania Acque will invite citizens to discuss the role of water in our society. 

The "Riflessi d'Acqua Pura" World Water Day 2021 Conference will be a live stream on TV on Cremona1 (channel 80) and on the web: on the website, on the YouTube channel and on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Riflessi Magazine and on the Facebook page of Padania Acque.