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VIVERACQUA | The public distribution service in view of the changes - Codogné, Italy

22–23 September 2021

On 22-23 September 2021, Viveracqua (Veneto Region, Italy) in collaboration with the Italian media company, Servizi a Rete, organise the event "the public distribution service in view of the changes prevention model, action plans, sustainable development.


In this two days event, the members of the Viveracqua Consortium, composed of 12 public water operators of the Veneto Region (Italy) and Italian public water operators will discuss the challenges that the utilities are facing in managing their operations. This will be an opportunity to discuss and update all operators involved in the management of networks and sub-services. 

The event will be hosted by the public water operator Piave Servizi (Codogné, Treviso).

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